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How I discovered thay my gf was a BBC lover

Here is a true story. My girlfriend told me she only cared about men personnality not about cock size. So, you may think at this point she wasn't a size queen. 

I offered my girlfriend a huge dildo. I didn't see the size of the dildo on the ecommerce shop and discovered it was really big. She used some lubricant. 

She used the dildo in front of me and she came in 2 minutes. I was stunned. I never saw my girlfriend like this. I saw the expression on her face. She was overwhelmed by the pleasure of the big dildo inside her. 

Then, I showed her interracial videos with big black cocks. Funny enough I showed her those videos after she told me: "but no i don't care about penis size". She did this every time with me. Then, she watched the video and she was turned on by the video. She told me with a sensual voice: "it is hot":

the video that I showed her

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